Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio


Studio Sanctuary

Exceptional Fetish and BDSM in Columbus, Ohio!

In a large, well-equipped, professional environment, our dedicated staff work passionately to make Studio Sanctuary a fun and safe environment to explore your fetishes! We have five full-time staff with varied experience and interests and we can help you find the perfect fit for your session.


With over 50 years of combined experience in BDSM, our staff are each dedicated and enthusiastic in their work. We love to see people who are brand new to the concept of BDSM and want an experienced guide, experienced kinksters who want someone new to play with, and everyone in between!


Each session is as unique as each person who walks through our doors. All of our members are asked to fill out an interest form as a part of the membership process, which helps us craft the best session for you. If your requested staffer thinks that another staffer is better suited to your interests, we will always encourage you to see a staffer who is the best fit for you. We are dedicated to making each individual session a success.