Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio

Blair’s Tributes

Standard Session Tributes

Session LengthSession Tribute
.5 Hour (30 Minutes)$200
1 hour$300
1.5 hours$400
2 hours$500
2.5 hours$595
3 hours$690
4 hours$870
5 hours$1,040
6 hours$1,200
7 hours$1,350
8 hours$1,500
9 hours$1,650
10 hours$1,800
11 hours$1,950
12 hours$2,100

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For those who long to be bound, caged, and abandoned by Mx. Blair, they offer hourly abandonment rates to enhance sessions lasting 2 hours or more.

$100 per hour

Social Time

Want to spend a little more time with Blair after your session by taking them to dinner? Would you be more comfortable during your session if you took Blair out for a cup of coffee beforehand? Do you want Blair to go shopping for the perfect outfit or toy? Blair offers hourly social time!

$100 per hour

Keyholding/Chastity Training

Sign your very own chastity contract with Mx. Blair and remember your place 24/7! For those who do in-person sessions, Studio Sanctuary also offers chastity device rental. The keyholding fee includes mutually agreeable once per week contact.

$25 per week in conjunction with a monthly session

$50 per week without an associated session

Just want to show your appreciation?