Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio


Our staffers’ tributes are based on a combination of their experience level and their seniority. Regardless of an individual staffer’s experience level, all staffers have been well well-trained in all of their areas of interest – and possess exceptional skill sets.

Standard Sessions

Standard sessions start at $250-$210 for the first hour, $200-$190 for the second hour, $190-$180 for the third hour, and so on.


For those who crave the feeling of being caged or restrained and abandoned, Studio Sanctuary offers abandonment in increments as short as half an hour! Tributes range from $100-$95 per hour.


Studio Sanctuary regards the confidentiality of our members as sacrosanct. We never film a member without their explicit consent!

For members that want a private keepsake of their session, our staffers offer personal-use filming with tributes ranging from $150-$145 for the first hour and $100-$95 for each subsequent hour. As we do not store filming equipment at the studio, we do ask that you schedule your session filming in advance so that we can ensure that the proper equipment is on hand.

For members that long to be the slave in one of our staff member’s online clips, we do not charge an additional tribute for commercial use filming and you will receive a copy of the clip!

Please allow 2 weeks for electronic delivery of your filmed session files.

Social Time

Most of our staff is available for social time inside or outside of the studio! This may include dinner, drinks, BDSM events, shopping, etc. where there will be absolutely no sexual or session activity. Tributes range from $100-$95 per hour.

Before or After Hours Sessions

The studio is open from 8:00am ET until midnight ET every day of the year. Occasionally, members have highly restricted availability or session activities that best occur outside our normal studio hours. Since this significantly affects the staffer’s (staffers’) schedule for either the previous/current day or the current/following day, there is an additional tribute. For session time before 8:00am ET and after midnight ET, the additional tribute is $100 per non-standard hour per staffer. Note: This does not apply to overnight stays since sleeping (even in extreme bondage) and sessioning aren’t the same thing.

Splosh Play

Most of our staff and some of our members enjoy splosh play, which we welcome! Due to the importance of keeping the studio clean and sterilized and the nature of splosh play, we do have some specific rules for splosh play:

  • Members must bring their own splosh play materials (e.g. cake, pie, etc.). This builds great anticipation for the session!
  • Staffers must approve, before they are purchased, the types of splosh play items that are to be utilized.
  • There is a flat $100 per session splosh play tribute to cover the cost of a new polyethylene tarp (5 mils thickness) and the extra cleaning/sterilization after the session.

First-Time Solo Switch or Submissive Sessions

For the safety of our staff for all first-time solo (you and one staffer) Switch (you and the staffer take turns Topping/bottoming) and submissive (the staffer bottoms the whole session) sessions, we require a dungeon monitor (female staffer unless Damiano Severo is requested) to be in the studio proper. The DM (dungeon monitor) will be present to ensure that your Topping techniques are proper, that you have access to all the implements that you need, and, most importantly, that all of the staffer’s limits are respected. The tribute for the DM is $50/session hour.

The DM requirement applies even if you have visited other staffers previously and this is your first solo switch or submissive session with a different staffer. The DM requirement does not apply if you are scheduling more than one staffer whether that additional staffer is a Dominant, Switch, or submissive in the session. And, of course, the DM requirement does not apply to Dominant (the staffer is topping you) sessions.

For each specific staff member’s tributes, please click the links below: