Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio

Rules & Policies

Please review our rules and cancellation policies carefully. Violation of these rules can result in revocation of membership and even a lifetime ban from Studio Sanctuary.


1. Studio Sanctuary is a professional BDSM/Fetish facility and does not offer absolutely any illegal activities with the staff. For example, the following activities are illegal (and don’t try to convince us otherwise) and would never occur with a staffer in a session: hand/foot jobs, oral sex, intercourse, etc. We operate 100% legally in accordance with state and local law. BDSM/Fetish is legal in Columbus, and we want it to stay that way! Again, we are not a brothel, escort agency, or prostitution house. Please seek those desires elsewhere.

2. We do not share, disclose, rent, or sell your personal information to any third parties. Your personal information, including your contact information, is kept strictly confidential and can only be accessed by staff members. Each staff member is bound by a non-disclosure agreement, and we only employ those who find such abuse of trust ethically wrong. We will not contact you unless given express permission to do so, and only using your preferred methods. If inquired of, we will not disclose any details about you (not even that we know who you are).

3. Clients and attendees are to treat all staff members and associates with the utmost respect. This includes in-person, phone, and email contact. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes defamatory language, unacceptable physical contact, rudeness, and soliciting personal and/or contact information.

4. We do not accept walk-in appointments. Do not visit Studio Sanctuary unless you have a specified appointment time or are attending an event. This includes loitering and/or visiting to “chat” or “be of service.” Just as we value your time, we ask that you value ours by arriving at your appointed time as well as departing at the end of your appointment.

5. Arrive clean and well-dressed. Do not make yourself noticeable — this includes TVs arriving in full drag. Please look presentable and inconspicuous. If you are bringing clothing or toys, make sure they are placed in discreet bags or suitcases.

6. We have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol for our staff members and will not permit sessions to occur for clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any evidence of intoxication will forfeit your session.

7. Session tributes will be collected by the staff member before the session begins. Please have the correct amount waiting or the credit card that you wish to use. You are welcome to tip any of the staff members, bring gifts, or send fan mail with tokens.

8. We do not haggle over tribute prices and we do not issue refunds for the cancellation of prepaid sessions.

9. Do not bring guests to Studio Sanctuary without a corresponding appointment (this includes curious friends, girlfriends, or spouses). We offer couples sessions and rentals to individuals and groups, but we are not open for tours and questions from the general public.

10. Studio Sanctuary is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained while participating in a BDSM activity, or while in, on, or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted, regardless of the circumstances. We fully educate and train our staff members, but you must be fully aware of the risks and hazards involved with any BDSM activity. You assume this risk upon yourself. We require an executed informed consent to be signed for certain high-risk BDSM activities. We will only permit a staff member to conduct these sessions if they have had the appropriate training, but risks do exist. The executed informed consent may be necessary for piercing, fully off-the-floor suspension, extremely heavy corporal, branding, extreme CBT or extreme ballbusting, intense asphyxiation, etc.

11. You will respect the confidentiality and identity of staff members, attendees, guests, and anyone else associated with Studio Sanctuary. This includes individuals seen outside of the facility, their families, occupations, privacy, and involvement with other activities.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the exclusive use nature of the studio plus our staffers being available for sessions seven days per week from 8am until midnight, late cancellations (with less than 24 hours advance notice) are extremely problematic. We understand that life and work emergencies are an unavoidable part of life, so we are as flexible as possible for cancellations especially those canceled more than 24 hours in advance or late cancellations that are being rescheduled. If you need to cancel a session with less than 24 hours advance notice, you must call the studio at 888.908.1908 or visit us in live chat (by visiting any page of our studio’s website) instead of sending us an email.

No Show100% Cancellation Penalty
Less than 2 hours in advance75% Cancellation Penalty
Less than 4 hours in advance50% Cancellation Penalty
Less than 24 hours in advance25% Cancellation Penalty
More than 24 hours in advanceNo Cancellation Penalty

No-shows with outstanding penalties will be transferred to a collection agency, and will be blacklisted from the facility. Don’t make that mistake!