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Elizabeth Aster

Elizabeth Aster

Email: Elizabeth@ElizabethAster.comBirthday: Aug 14th
Hair: Blonde, long Height: 5′ 4″
Eyes: GrayWeight: 135 lbs
Complexion: LightBust: 34D
Orientation: BisexualShoe Size: 8.5
Elizabeth is casual part-time and has
variable availability.

(Subject to Studio Availability
Due To Exclusive Use of Studio)
Available Times: Casual part-time

(Two Hour’s Advance Notice
Required for Same Day Sessions)

I am Elizabeth Aster, a playful seductive bisexual switch. My interest in kink began when reading erotic fiction, wondering if my dark desires existed outside of fantasy.  As a part-time dancer in a gentleman’s club, I attracted many members of the kink community and my interest evolved into a fixation.  I adored my customers who came in for foot worship, nipple play, and a good spanking.  Nothing made me happier than a man coming in on his lunch break and going back to the office in panties and my favorite shade of 12-hour stay bold red lipstick. 

I have spent most of my life working full-time in healthcare, which sparked a particular interest in medical play. Whether I am prepping you for a sounding procedure, or gloving up for a thorough head-to-toe exam, I adore the endless fun found in our medical room!  No session will ever be the same due to my creative mind and ever-evolving curiosity and desire to push your limits for the most fulfilling – or just filling play.

As an ultra-feminine woman, I enjoy getting dolled up for sessions.  I enjoy being the glamorous Goddess in session for you to worship at my heel.  Standing 5’4” I have an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places. My captivating gray eyes will hypnotize you and my plump luscious lips will leave you hanging on my every word.  

As a lover of all of the finest things in life, you will always find me wearing the finest silks and velvets.  I love feminization and dressing you up as my little Barbie doll, trying to make my subs as sexy as I am.  After all, my subs are a reflection of me, are they not?  I love preparing you to be my gorgeous little slut, and forcing you to take all of me. 

As a Dominant, I have a commanding presence while remaining sensual and keeping the scene intimate. I want to know everything about you and your twisted mind.  I want to hear all of your secrets and fantasies.  I desire your purest base reactions. Your cries and squirms are ecstasy to me, and you will know and be rewarded when you have pleased me. 

As a submissive, I am a spirited brat, eager to test you and be put in my place.  Once you have proven to be a Dominant player I will concede and allow you to enjoy my submissive side where you will find I am quite eager to please. I adore getting glammed up to be your favorite toy. 

My interests do not reside exclusively in person, I am available through messaging, phone, and webcam. I can’t wait to show off my cam room at home during online sessions   It would be my earnest pleasure to lure you into my world. 

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