Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio

What to Expect

To prepare for your first session, we ask that you take 30 minutes to an hour to fully and completely think about and fill out our member interest form. Having taken the time to thoroughly think about your interests and the type of activities you’d like to explore will provide the staffer with the most information so that we can best prepare for your session.

Please arrive having been recently showered, and groomed to your best ability. Please do not wear any strong colognes or perfumes, simple deodorant and trimmed nails are good!

When you arrive for your first session, you’ll greet the staffer of your choosing, hang up your belongings and remove your shoes. Then, the untimed mutual interview will occur. The mutual interview typically takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on your number of interests and past experiences. It is important to note that the mutual interview does not take away from your scheduled session length regardless of how long the mutual interview takes.

You’ll sit down in our living room at our studio with the staffer you have chosen and discuss your mutual interests based on the information provided in your member interest form. We don’t keep any kinky equipment or clocks in this room as we want to create a relaxing environment where you feel comfortable to talk to us about your BDSM and fetish interests and find out how to create the best session for you. We can enjoy some coffee or tea together and help you feel at ease in our amazing space.

Once we have established a mutual rapport, and talked about the interests you’d like to explore in your session, the staffer will accept your tribute for the session. You may handle the session tribute via cash in a plain white envelope, or via major credit card.

The staffer will leave the room to prepare the room or rooms for your session, and change into a session outfit. It won’t take more than 5 minutes (simple wardrobe change) to 15 minutes (complex wardrobe changes like multiple piece latex) minutes depending on the complexity of your request. During this time, please use the restroom to freshen up, wash your hands thoroughly, undress to your level of comfort, and wait patiently as the staffer has directed you. We also recommend to use this time to mentally prepare yourself with meditation and breathing exercises, peruse our fetish art coffee table books, or give your body a good stretch if your session includes strenuous activity like bondage or pain play.

The staffer will return to the room and begin the session. While you are in our space, all 7 themed rooms are available to use due to the exclusive use nature of the studio. If the staffer is the Dominant and guiding the session, of course it will be up to them where they decide to put you, but you’re always welcome to politely suggest a room.

At the conclusion of the session, the staffer will direct you to use the restroom to freshen yourself and wash your hands. The staffer will offer you a drink of water, and allow a few moments to decompress – verbally or non-verbally. You’re welcome to discuss your feelings about the session, or just talk and relax before returning to the outside world. We always allow 5 minutes after your session time (or longer for extended sessions) for this decompression time as we never want to rush you out.

We ask that you respect our staffer’s time as the studio may be in use after your appointment, and we allow ample cleaning and sterilization time between sessions. If you’d like to talk for a longer amount of time after your session, we recommend scheduling some social time after your session so that you can be fully relaxed before leaving our facility.

If you have provided an email, the staffer will follow up with you via email about your session, but you’re always welcome to email us first! We’d love to hear feedback, new things you’d like to try, and how we can improve the next time. If you’d rather not be contacted via email, please let us know and we are happy to respect your privacy!