Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio


Studio Sanctuary is a private, exclusive use, members-only, adult studio. After you have requested your initial session or rental and before your first visit to the studio, every individual must become a member – and every member must have unique credentials (email address).  Although the studio is very strict about privacy and discretion, you are welcome to use an alias (fake first name) to establish your membership credentials. Although you are welcome to provide additional information beyond a first name, we do not require any additional personal information.

The lifetime membership is $50.00 and includes your initial mutual interview (sessions) or initial tour (rentals) which occur at the studio immediately before your session or rental. For sessions, the initial mutual interview is for you and the staffer that you are visiting. For rentals, the tour is a detailed tour of every room of the studio including the location of all equipment and implements. The lifetime membership must be handled before your visit can be confirmed and may be handled online via our credit card processor (billed discreetly), cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, ETH, or XMR), or Amazon gift card.

All new members must complete a member interest form. None of the fields on the member interest form are mandatory, so you are welcome to skip anything that you do not wish to complete regardless of the reason. Please keep in mind that the more accurate and detailed that your member interest form is, the more smoothly your initial consultation or tour will proceed. If the staffer accurately knows where all of your interests lie, they can best focus on those interests during your initial consultation (sessions) or tour (rentals)!