Exceptional BDSM and Fetish – Columbus Ohio

Types of Sessions

Not sure where to start? Try one of the options below! Please keep in mind that these are example sessions. Ultimately, all sessions and socials should be tailored to your interests and budget. So, if your interests or budget necessitate a longer or shorter session (or social), then that’s perfectly acceptable!

Social Time – $95 – 100/hour. Social time is any time outside of a session, such as discussions, going out for dinner or shopping, fetish events, etc.

Abandonment – $95 – 100 /hour. For those that long to be bound, caged, or closeted then abandoned, there is a special, lesser tribute for the period of abandonment. This is always in addition to a session 2 hours or longer. This can be in half hour increments, or broken up in parts during a longer session.

Play & Dinner: 3 hours of session time, 1 hour of travel/prep, 2 hours of social time. What better way to unwind after a fun session then a relaxing dinner? Make sure to schedule earlier in the day so we can make our dinner reservation!

Shopping & Play: 2 hours of social time, 1 hour of travel/prep, 3 hours of session time. Let’s meet at the mall to go shopping for a new wardrobe or toys, then head back to the studio to try out your new purchases!

Switch Introduction (2 hours + 1 hr discussion afterwards): – New to BDSM and not sure if you are a Top or a bottom? Let’s try out new things together in both roles in a fun, relaxed way. We will relax and chat about it over coffee, tea, or wine afterward and figure out where to go next time!

Overnight Sessions (Session + Overnight Stay at Studio): Want a more immersive studio experience? You can combine a session and an overnight stay at the studio! The session will be scheduled to end about 11:00pm, the staffer will take about 1/2 hour to ready you for your overnight stay, it is lights out around 11:30pm, then the staffer will release you around 7:30am. This is especially popular for our caging/bondage/chastity/cuckolding enthusiasts. The tribute for such an experience is the session tribute for the staffer(s) plus $400 per overnight stay per staffer.

Cabin Sessions (One Full Day to Seven Full Days): For the ultimate experience, all of our staffers are available to join you on an escape to a well-appointed, secluded cabin within an hour of Columbus. You’ll stay with the staffer(s) at the cabin and intermingle play (session activities with plenty of BDSM/Fetish gear) and vanilla fun (hiking, campfire, Jacuzzi, movies, meals, etc.) from the moment you check in until the moment that you check out. Due to the number of variable factors that go into cabin sessions, please contact us for a tribute quote.

Keyholding / Chastity Training: $25/week in addition to a monthly session. $50/week if done without sessions or in-person contact. For in-person sessions, we also offer chastity device rentals if you’re not sure about fitting yourself into one.

Personal-Use Filmed Sessions: We absolutely never film without our member’s explicit consent. If you’d like us to film your session for your own personal use, we offer HD camera, tripod, and filming lights to star in your own voyeur film for an additional tribute.

Commercial-Use Filmed Sessions: We absolutely never film without our member’s explicit consent. If you’d like us to film all or part of your session to be featured on one of our fetish video stores, we will bring our HD camera, tripod, and filming lights to the session. You will receive a copy of the edited clips made from your session. You will be required to bring two IDs and sign a model release.

Facility Rental: We offer facility rental for individuals, couples, and small groups. You get access to our seven room facility, our professional BDSM equipment, and a knowledgeable staff member will be on-site to provide you with a tour and to sanitize any equipment you use for you when you are finished!