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Kelle Martina’s Interview with Forced-Bi.com

By on June 3, 2020 am30 11:00 am in Interviews, Staff

Forced Bi is a popular fetish – especially when it comes to my fetish videos. Forced Bi category videos are some of my top sellers. Sometimes called “Coerced Bi” or “Bisexual Encouragement”. It’s not truly “forced” after all! 😉

Recently, Forced-Bi.com reached out to me regarding an interview about my thoughts and feelings behind the fetish!

If some of the verbiage seems odd, it’s because it was conducted in written form, with multiple choice and freeform answers. I promise I’m not a robot!

Today, Forced-Bi continues its parade of interviews with a dynamic yet sensual (and bosomy!) Mistress.

Hello and welcome!
To get the ball rolling… What name do you go by?
Miss Kelle Martina.
I understand from your website that you pronounce it /kel/ not /KEL-ee/. So, readers are forewarned against flubbing that one!
Now, there are various adjectives, epithets, modifiers, or monikers that women in your area use. Which – if any – do you think of yourself as, or prefer? “Alpha,” “brat,” “domme,” “mean girl,” …
I’m a sensual Domme.
Okay, so a domme/domina? And sensual? All right. That will be fun to explore.
Do you have any special reason for this preference?
I like to be in control, but I don’t need to raise my voice to get my way. I use sensuality and pleasure to control.
I knew it would be fun!
All right, so… as a sensual domme, what do you see yourself as doing in your sessions? I mean, are you simply living out a lifestyle? Are you role playing? Having fun? Being a social activist? What’s going on with you?
It’s a lifestyle. This is who I am… pretty much all the time.
“But it’s also a spiritual exercise. I’m definitely using sex for the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.
Very cool! We’ve actually written on some cool, forced-bi-related stories in ancient mythology – if you can believe that one! (See “Does Forced Bi Have Its Origins in Mythology?”)

You can read my full interview here: http://forced-bi.com/index.php/2019/08/27/exclusive-forced-bi-interview-with-miss-kelle-martina/