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Kelle Martina’s Interview with Forced-Bi.com

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Forced Bi is a popular fetish – especially when it comes to my fetish videos. Forced Bi category videos are some of my top sellers. Sometimes called “Coerced Bi” or “Bisexual Encouragement”. It’s not truly “forced” after all! 😉 Recently, Forced-Bi.com reached out to me regarding an interview about my thoughts and...

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Metal Bondage Desires

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Metal bondage is only for those who crave completely inescapable restraint. The cold steel offers no give – no escape. Whatever position you are put in, you are locked in place. I’d like to see our metal bondage collection expand even more. It’s certainly a very intense experience for those who crave complete control. Chain-linked Hamburg-8 Quick...

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Metal Bondage Dreams

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Our newest piece, the Sonny Black steel cage table is awesome! With 12 tie-points around the top, padded top with head hole, side-entry cage with “feeding” hole, and padded inside. It’s comfortable enough for an overnight stay, and can accommodate taller slaves without cramping muscles and plenty of space to stretch out. The wide bars reduce the...

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